Refricool A/C Division

Efficiency, and Technology at its finest.

Quul® Aurora Models

Our Quul® Aurora Models Contains all the features mentioned above, and comes in 9,000; 12,000; 18,000; and 23,000 BTU's. It also comes up to 21 SEER, call us today for more information!

Quul® Oasis Models

Quul® Oasis Models have all the amazing features of Aurora, but up to 22.7 SEER! And the Oasis models come in 12,000; 18,000; 24,000; 30,000; or 36,000 BTU. For more information call us now!

Quul® PTAC Wall Pack Unit

Looking for something more affordable? We offer PTAC Wall Packs for apartments or hotels which are designed for Wall Packs. Our Quul® Wall Packs come with great features such as Compressor restart delay, Automatic Evaporator, Freeze Protection, and high temperature protection in heating operations. Email us or Call us for more information!

Cassette Units

Our Inverter Cassette Units are great for settings which require low visibility. They work up to 16 SEER, and are 48,000 BTU. These Inverter Cassettes have great features such as High Efficiency and Energy Saving, Optimized Piping system, Low Noise and starting current, as well as intelligent refrigerant adjustment technology. For more information call us or email us!

Floor & Ceiling Units

Our Floor & Ceiling Units are great for open spaces which need them. They have all the great features mentioned above, and come in 36,000; 48,000 and 60,000 BTU, it also has up to 16 SEER. For more information call us now!