Power Tools & Consumables

Need an upgrade to your tool kit? Need more power? We can help!

Product Types

Power Drills

We distribute Milwaukee Power Drills of all styles, if you are interested in purchasing a power drill, look no further, give us a call today!

Drill Presses

Need to drill into beams or large material, we have drill press' that will suit you nicely. Give us a call!

Rotary Hammers

Looking for a Rotary Hammer? No problem, we have them too!

Angle Grinders

Need to Cut or Grind? We have got you covered with our large variety of Milwaukee Angle Grinders. Contact us for more information!

Band Saws

Check out our catalog for more information on the band saws we offer, or call us!

Impact Drivers

Need to work with long deck screws or carriage bolts? Check out our impact drivers!

Chop Saws

Need to cut metal? Call us about our Chop Saws! We can help you out with that!

Utility Tools

Amongst Power Tools we also have common utility tools like search lights, knives, padlocks, and other related hardware.

Power Tool Consumables

Cutting & Grinding Discs, Band Saw blades, Hole Saws, Drill sets & drill bits, we have it all, call us or visit us today!