Industrial Gases Division

New Cylinders and Refills!

Product Types


We stock 20, 40, and 125 C/F Oxygen Cylinders, as well as Cylinder Refills. Visit us or Call us today for a quote!


Need Acetylene? We provide 10, 40, and 145 C/F Acetylene Cylinders as well as refills, visit us or call us now for more information!


We deal with 20, 40, and 125 C/F Argon, we also provide refills, visit us or call us for pricing!

Carbon Dioxide

Looking for CO2, look no further, we provide 20 & 35 lbs Cylinders as well as refills, give us a call now!


We even provide 20, 40, and 125 C/F Nitrogen, as well as refills, don't hesitate to call!


We also deal with 125 C/F Helium Cylinders as well as refills. Contact us for pricing!

Gas Mixes

Apart from the main gases, we also deal with Mix C-25M and Mix A1025 in 125 C/F Cylinders. We also refill, don't hesitate to call.

Additional Services

Apart from Cylinders and Refills, we also offer Hydrotesting, Visual Inspections, Sand Blasting, as well as replace Cylinder caps and Valves. Contact us for more information!