Gate Hardware & Paint Division

Gate Hardware, Lockboxes, Welding Tabs, Primers, paint & Much More!

Product Types

Fast Dry Enamel

We provide fast drying paint specially formulated to improve glossiness, drying, and resistance to outdoor conditions which are excellent near marine enviroments.

Metallic Finishes

Looking for a metallic finish on your material or work of art? We provide a self-priming metallic finish of all colors, ideal for gates, fences, and decorative iron.

Primers & Oxide Anti-Rust Coatings

Apart from Enamels & Regular Paint, we also provide quality Anti-Rust coatings which prevent metals from corroding such as Cold Galvanizing Compounds, Green Oxide, Acrylic Coatings, Zinc Phosphate primers, Red Oxide & more.

Paint Hardware

We also sell Spray Grips, Paint Brushes, Paint Kits, and Much More..

Gate Hardware

Working on a gate isn't easy, we know it! Visit any of our stores and you will find a wide availability of hardware used for gates, such as Gate Wheels, V-Groove Boxes, Guide Rolls, Trolley Trucks, Hinges, Slide Bolts & Much More!


We provide all kinds of locks, Deadbolts with and without boxes, Hook Locks, Lock Sets & More. We also provide empty steel boxes & lock plates.

Automatic Door Closers

We keep in stock Articulated Door Closers of different colors depending on your door! Call us for more information!

Welding Tabs

For our welders! We keep in stock a variety of welding tabs, clips, and brackets of different shapes and sizes, visit us and buy some today!


Need caps for your fences? We provide a great variety of caps of all shapes and sizes! Plastic Caps, Aluminum Caps, Cast Iron Caps, visit our stores or call us today for more information!