Garage Doors Division

Lighten up your house exterior with our garage doors, customizes just for you!

Garage Door Models

Richards-Wilcox™ Insulated Garage Doors

Born out of the commercial door business, Richards-Wilcox™ Residential Doors are not only one of the strongest, most efficient door systems in the world, but also offer a complete range of residential garage doors that will make your home look beautiful for years to come. RW door models include our Rockwood-TM, Echo Ridge-TM, Briarcrest, Grandview, Premium and Classic door models

Richards-Wilcox™ Plain Insulated Garage Doors

If affordability or privacy is a factor, we also work with plain garage doors without any decorative inserts.

EZ Garage Aluminum Garage Doors

We also work with Custom Aluminum Garage Doors, with intricate designs for your custom garage door measurements. Call us now for more information!

EZ Roll-Up Garage Doors

Looking for a simple installation? or limited space in your garage? Call us about our Roller Garage Doors, which work via tubular motors using PS 64 & Alugix 55 Blades to make up the Garage Door made to take up much less space, Reach out to us for more information!

Garage Door Openers & Accessories

Apart from Garage Doors themselves, we also work with necessary accessories and openers. For more information, including information about Installation, Email us or Call us today!